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Rotax 912 engine Introduction DVDRotax 912 Engine Introduction DVD
Basic Operation and Maintenance for Pilots and Mechanics

This DVD provides tips and techniques for trouble-free operation of a Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) with a ROTAX engine and provides an introduction to important aspects of maintaining the 912 and 912S.

This DVD by Paul Hamilton introduces the use and maintenance on Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) of the ROTAX 912 engine.

Many engine problems seen in the field are preventable with proper operation and maintenance and the 912 is no exception. This DVD is particularly useful to maintenance professionals, pilots and flight instructors operating ROTAX-powered Light Sport Aircraft. Answers frequently asked questions based on years of operational and maintenance experience and outlines typical procedures every owner, operator and mechanic should know.

This DVD is the only one of its kind in the rapidly growing LSA market, and it caters to the do-it-yourself experience of flying this category of aircraft.


  • An overview of the basic 912 components
  • Vital engine fluids
  • Practical tips for selecting fuel
  • How to check and change the oil
  • Selecting the proper filters
  • Appropriate operating temperatures
  • Approved coolant options
  • The unique electrical system in the ROTAX
  • Cold weather operations
  • Dual carburetor synchronization and idle
  • And much more.....
LSA expert Paul Hamilton produces this DVD that featuring Phil Lockwood of Lockwood Aviation (, the largest ROTAX service center in the country), and Dean Vogel from Aero Technical Institute.

Phil and Dean provide seminars regularly for owners, operators, and mechanics. They are the industry-recognized experts on this engine.

Approx. 68 minutes with 17 additional minutes of extras that cover the carburetor, electric, crankshaft, and cylinder walls. Includes booklet with quick reference checklists.

Make sure you know how to operate and maintain the ROTAX before your next rental. Download the Rotax 912 basic operation & maintenance quiz. You will learn the answers to these questions and more in this informative DVD. Grading Key provided to manfuacturers, insurance agents, flight schools, and flight instructors upon request.

Edition Details
Area of Interest 100% Sport Pilot
Main Feature TRT 68 Minutes, Plus 17 Minutes of extras
Format DVD
ISBN: 1-56027-679-1
Special DVD Features
Scene Selection
Movie Trailers
Digitally Mastered
Interactive Menus
English Digital Audio
Author/Producer: Paul Hamilton
Publisher ASA

DVD Version $49.95


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