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Be a Sport Pilot, Learn to Fly a Trike - DVDBe a Sport Pilot, Learn to Fly a Trike - DVD

Great for Sport Pilots!
Learn what it takes to get your weight-shift trike pilot certification. Experience the thrill and excitement of becoming a trike pilot.

Join Instructor John Beaman as he takes Paul Hamilton through weight-shift trike training and signing off to solo. Then, join Paul as he takes you through the concepts you need to know to get your ultralight trike pilot certificate. With their extensive backgrounds, John Beaman and Paul Hamilton are in a unique position to bring the thrill of becoming a trike pilot to you. John Beaman is an ultralight Advanced Flight Instructor (AFI) and a hang glider pilot. Flying for over 20 years, he has over 2000 hours of logged flight time. Flying for over 25 years, Paul Hamilton is a Master rated hang glider pilot, paraglider pilot, and now is a Basic Flight Instructor (BFI) for ultralight trikes.

Program Features

  • First Flight Basics Preflight / Startup / Taxi / Takeoff / Turns / Climb and Descent / Patterns / Airport / Low pass / Panding / Shut down
  • Student to Solo Practical Maneuvers Steep turns / Stalls / Slipping turns to descend / Throttle control / Emergency procedures / Airport procedures / Engine outs
  • Out on Your Own / Building Solo Time / Further Study

  • Your responsibilities as a pilot / Regulations / The trike for you / Aerodynamics / Performance / Ultralight aircraft / Trike specifics / Ultralight instruments - Engine, Airspeeds, Vertical reference / Navigation and Cross-country / Emergency / Pilot and Instructor Certificates

We recommend watching the "Starting Triking" DVD and understanding the concepts as a prerequisite to the more practical intermediate and advanced flying concepts presented here.

Experience the thrill today! This video will help you on your way to becoming an ultralight trike pilot.

Customer Comments
"Just dropping u a line to to let u know that I received my DVD today!! (fast ay??) :) It's GREAT!!!! Thanks very much! it's the nicest, most informative footage I could have expected. Im really keen on starting triking and this DVD was exactly what I needed! I've recently had an intro flight (3 weeks ago) and this DVD just brought it all right back to life!!

I'm really happy with my DVD and can't get enough of watching it! It's helping me to grasp concepts I was completely clueless on, such as flight patterns, terminology, the fundamentals of trike flight, safety and the structure of the flight training. Apart from the great educational and technical value of the footage, its absolutely fantastic to just be able to see trikes fly! Seeing the remaining selection of DVD's still available on your site, I am really looking forward to next one!

Thanks again and keep up the great work!" - Jorge, New Zealand

Edition Details
Area of Interest 100% Triking / Powered Hang Gliding
Main Feature TRT56 Minutes
Format DVD
Special DVD Features
Scene Selection
Movie Trailers
Digitally Mastered
Interactive Menus
English Digital Audio
Producer Paul Hamilton

DVD Version $39.95


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